10 Pointers to playing slots

1. Become a member of the Player Rewards Club. It is free to do, so why not?  It takes less time than filling out an in-store credit card application, and immediately entitles you to rewards and promotions every time you gamble.  Whether you win or lose, you will earn points for every bet, which can be redeemed for hotel discounts and free meals to name a few.

2. Figure a spending allowance ahead of time. Ask yourself what amount of money is the threshold of what you would feel comfortable losing (in a worse case scenario).  Stick to this amount at any cost, and never, ever spend your bill money or rack up a credit card.

3. Try to play quarter or dollar slots if possible...preferably dollar slots. Both of these denominations offer a relatively low investment with a high payout return.  Depending on your bankroll, pick a single pay-line slot machine with a maximum stake that fittingly accommodates your bankroll.

4. Selectively choose your preferred slot machine. Determine whether you are simply after a large jackpot, or a steady influx of moderately-sized winnings. This will guide you in deciding whether you want to play a progressive or straight slot machine.  Keep in mind that the odds of winning are much higher for larger progressive amounts.

5. Always reference the payout schedule. After determining the proper stake machine you will be playing, take time to examine the payout schedules when mulling over potential slot machines.  Pay attention to the small and medium-sized winnings, and choose a machine that offers the best payouts in this range, while still offering a sizeable jackpot amount.

6. Choose one coin bets or max bets. Again, this should factor into your bankroll allowance.  If possible, try to play the max coins, for although these will payout fewer winning symbol combos, they pay out greater jackpots that usually surpass the total winnings made from several single-coin bets.  If you can afford dollar bets, try playing quarter machines with a 3 or 4 coin max.

7. Only play money from your pre-designated bankroll. Going hand-in-hand with Pointer #2, this means you should never pull out the credit card once your bankroll limit has been reached.  Discipline yourself to not gamble your winnings. A good idea is to get a small, pocket-sized lock box (leave the key at home or in your hotel room), which you can use to periodically put all of your winnings into throughout your betting session.  This way, you will always leave the casino with some cash.

8. Do not stagnate on a single machine, thinking it is bound to payout any moment. If you are at a slot machine that just is not payout out well, move to another.  This will keep you from getting into a mental slump, as well as help you to have more fun. A change of scenery is always best when you are on a losing streak.

9. Consider giving yourself a winning threshold. This means that you may want to consider quitting for the evening after you have won a certain percentage of your bankroll.  Many players advise to cease spinning the reels when you have won 100% your bankroll amount - In other words, you have doubled your bankroll.  Don't let yourself get greedy.  And don't chase after losses.

10. Above all else, gamble to have fun. If you gamble out of an attempt to make money so that you can pay your bills or for your hotel room, you are setting yourself up for a possible disappointment, not to mention a very unhealthy gambling habit/addiction.  Remember to keep fun and entertainment in the foreground.  If you happen to win, that is icing on the cake.